A Panelized Home is not a Modular Home

Panelized Home Construction

The Arcanna Homes Team at Work

Every new home can be built using a panelized building process. Unlike the modular building process, a panelized home can be completely customized — even after the framing is complete.

“When our customers walk into their house they can still make changes (ie. add closets, doorways, move walls, rooms, etc.),” says Robert Frissora. “All materials, including structural supports, can easily be modified to fit any home floor plan.”

While a modular home is also completely built in the factory, it is pre-assembled in sections which are joined together on site to a few standard footing designs. This provides little customization.

Further, with panelized construction, new home owners do not have to worry about the size of the trucks and what’s allowed on highways or local roads. We legally transport direct on all roads.

Modular construction is about the same investment, but still requires all the licensed contractors and suppliers that a panelized home requires. In reality, a modular assembly often does not provide a large enough job for contractors to take the work seriously.

Hence, a common disadvantage is that with a modular home you will be less likely to get the help you need to finish the house as fast. This can increase the move-in time and make managing the project more complex and costly.