How to build a new home

Our Home Building Process

Arcanna Homes custom builds each and every home like a member of their own family was going to live in it.

A home built with Panelized Construction Technology can easily be customized, weather tight and secure in days!

After many years of building quality panelized homes we’ve earned a level of trust in the industry. As such, we are able to offer cost savings on a wide selection of brand name products other than those that may specified below.

Below is a list of our standard building specifications. Please consult Arcanna Homes if you have alternate manufacturer preferences.

FOUNDATION (Provided by Arcanna Homes):
All masonry, girders (wood or steel), girder supports, sills and sill sealers are NOT INCLUDED by Harvest Homes.

Floor joist and band joist, with 3/4″ T&G underlayment grade plywood, fabricated into 8’0″ wide floor panels. Subfloor is glued and stapled. Bridging is supplied. Stair platforms are included

2×6 studs at 16″ o.c., single sole & double top plates, assembled into panels with 7/16″ OSB sheathing applied. All door and window units are installed except bay and bow window units, sliding patio doors, and garage service doors.

2×4 studs at 16″ o.c., single sole & double top plates, with rough openings installed. Ceiling drywall backer material is furnished.

Full-span trusses at 24″ o.c., or pre-cut rafters at 16″ o.c. (some models). Sheathed gables and CDX plywood roof sheathing with H clips. 15# felt and 20-year shingles are supplied. Ridge vent, drip edge and aluminum flashing where necessary.

Eaves soffit system materials furnished include 2×6 subfascia and aluminum soffit and fascia. Rake overhang system is a fabricated 2×6 ladder with aluminum soffit and fascia. Flush rakes include 2×6 subfascia with aluminum fascia.

Boxed porch posts and porch beams as required, with aluminum soffit system for ceiling area.

Crestline aluminum-clad units with high performance glass, hardware, and screens. Window style and size per basic house plan. Choice of white, pewtertone, or almond color. Window grilles not included.

Exterior door units are “Pease Homestead” metal-clad insulated doors pre-hung in primed wood frame with aluminum sill, and weatherstrip installed. Key-in-knob lock sets are furnished. Size and style door per basic house plan. House to garage door units are 90 minute, B-label fire-rated units with steel frame and self-closing hinge.

Primed six-panel moulded hardboard, pre-hung in finger joint jambs. Lock sets are furnished. Style and size of door units shown on basic house plans.

Crestline aluminum clad units with high performance glass, hardware, and screen. Style and size per basic house plan. Sliding door units are shipped K.D. Crestline hinged door units are assembled and installed in panel. Choice of white, pewtertone, or almond color. Grilles are not included.

No garage overhead doors are furnished. Jambs, stop and brickmould for overhead door are furnished K.D.

All base moulding, and casing are unfinished finger joint pine. Attic access panel furnished. Metal closet shelf and rod, and linen closet shelves, set of four (4).

Furnished. Walls: R-19, 6″ friction fit fiberglass and 2-mil polyethylene vapor barrier. Ceiling: R-30, 9″ fiberglass with kraft vapor barrier. Foam rafter vent air baffles if required.

Main stairs are carpet-grade assembled with yellow pine treads, 5/4″ pine stringers and pine risers, wedge and glue construction. Basement stairs assembled with 2×10 treads and stringers, with open risers. (Wall side handrail and brackets are furnished, open side railings are not included.)

Specifically items not included by Arcanna Homes are vinyl shutters, porch railing, sun decks, wrought iron work, flower boxes, cupolas, Builder/Dealer window grilles and open stair railings.

Quantity of nails to install panels and materials furnished by Harvest Homes. One bundle of shim shingles. Base price also includes crane erection service. Majority of delivery cost is included in basic price, there is a freight mileage adjustment to be added for your area. This adjustment is subject to change as our cost for delivery changes.

Siding, drywall, plumbing, kitchen, site work and painting. Provided by Arcanna Homes.