Home Advisor Hurting American Contractors

home_advisor_thiefsWe have paid tens of thousands for lead generation services to #HomeAdvisor over the last decade and have yet to find their service of much value. The quality of leads is usually poor and most have not done any research prior, they are just curious what it would cost to renovate a home, build a new house or add an addition.

Their commercials are often offensive in how they make consumers think that it doesn’t cost anything to do a search for a contractor on their site. While the search is free, there’s a dozen contractors that are paying a huge amount to share that lead. Sometimes as much as $200 a pop!

Problem is, people do not fill out the forms honestly and completely. There’s many reasons for this we understand, on our own site too. But any value that @HomeAdvisor may provide is negated by the risk of betting on leads.

Instead of helping us build our company, they give hardworking American contractors a huge amount of uncertainty as we gamble on a fake email or non-answering phone.

And their lead credit policy is time consuming and tedious. Much to our own fault, when we are busy, we just don’t have the time to complain. And we eat it. Looking back over our accounting records, @HomeAdvisor ate into our business a lot. It is their primary revenue engine. And we’re getting tired of it.

But over the last few weeks we’ve seen something even more sinister… #HomeAdvisor is now surreptitiously recycling their bad leads.

When a customer fills out an incomplete service request or says they want to buy a 12,000 ft mansion for $189k in CT… us old-time users of the service have learned to steer clear of the gutting – when we can – as accepting a lead to further vet, costs a huge sum.

When no one bites, #HomeAdvisor puts out an interest request. If our company is interested in learning more and the person who filled out the form agrees to contact us we get charged an inflated rate automatically! They do not tell the contractor first how much the lead is worth – you find out after they charge your card!

This is bordering on criminal. Some @HomeAdvisor executive needs to answer for this practice. When we find out who we’ll share that information and any updates to our account that this post may bring.

In the meantime, thank you Facebook for all the traffic to our site and for providing such great customers to work with.