The Truth About Angies List

angies list reviewIf you are a contractor and looking to expand your client base you have several online options to get leads. We’ve decided to review just how effective these online contractor databases are.

The truth about Angie’s List is that even if you are a reputable contractor, or home builder, and have been in business for dozens of years, Angie’s List will not include your corporate listing in their search results.

The only way for a new contractor to start getting leads on Angie’s List is to ask a paying member of their service to write a review on your company. Non-member reviews, while they will show up on your listing, do not count toward visibility. So if you have no paid-reviewer reviews on Angie’s List you do not exist.

Of course they offer a great tool to invite your database of customers to complete reviews, but it opens your customers up to solicitation and re-marketing to competitors. This makes Angie’s List a useless marketing tool for home construction companies of any size. Unless, of course, you’re willing to share your clients with your competitors.

If you have no paid-reviewer reviews on Angie’s List you do not exist

While more costly, we prefer Home Advisor as a home construction lead generation service. It is free to the consumer to search for qualified leads for many home construction services.

As a builder, we pay for those leads – from $30 to $90 each california payday loans. And we can cap the amount of leads we receive each month by budget. Leads over our budget we get sent an ‘approve for an additional fee’ request. Which works just fine.

Our biggest complaint is that the customers are not often qualified enough to warrant the lead costs and find ourselves filing credit requests with Home Advisor. While they offer refunds, they double check the veracity of each claim, and that can open a grey area; what do they consider a ‘viable’ lead.

Home AdvisorMostly this is due to people not ready to build or who are just doing initial research to find certified vendors. This poses a problem for the contractor… do you pay to show up in the search results for people who are not ready to buy your services. If you don’t have someone who is keeping track of all leads then you can blow through your monthly budget very quickly just on general inquiries. This can become quite costly.

The great thing about Home Advisor is that they qualify their contractors to a greater extent than Angie’s List. We were asked to provide all of our building licenses and certifications and they checked on them all. We are also not permitted to be included in searches for areas for which we are not licensed, at least initially. The benefit is that the tail-light contractor who does not have insurance or permits or licenses can not effectively use this service to compete.

So if you are a home contractor or a consumer looking for home contracting services, Home Advisor is a much more robust service with higher quality leads and does not cost the consumer a dime. If you’re a home construction marketer, the choice is clear.