What is a Panelized home?

In the high-tech approach known as panelized construction, pre-engineered wall sections are produced for a new home in factory-controlled conditions, then shipped complete to the building site for final construction.

“Complete home panelization is the fastest growing segment of residential new construction. – NAHB”

Unlike stick-built homes, a panelized home is built with factory perfect precision and once the foundation is set, can be weather tight in just a few days. This allows crews to work comfortably as they install all services and finish the home faster with better quality.

Panelized Building ProcessBuilt with the aid of cutting-edge automation in our factory outside of Albany, NY, complete exterior and interior wall panels, trusses, decking, etc. are loaded onto our flatbed trucks and delivered to the home site. Windows and doors are framed and pre-installed.

Materials are marked at the factory with a code to eliminate any confusion at the jobsite (i.e., wall “A-1” joins wall “A-2”.) Set crews then assemble and join all house panels and complete the home construction quickly.

Panelized Home SectionUnlike static mobile homes, which have limited design plans, panelized home manufacturing offers tremendous flexibility in structural design and on-site modifications.Today, any home style can be built, sealed and finished faster, with better quality workmanship.

Arcanna Homes is a fully licensed and authorized panelized home builder that services the Tri-State area, including much of Connecticut, Long Island, Northern New Jersey and the Hudson Valley. We provide all necessary labor and skilled professionals and help manage the home building process from start to finish. We’ve been in business since 1986 and have built dozen of homes for discerning home owners. Contact us if we can provide a home builders quote.

How is a panelized home assembled on the job site?