payday loans texas Which is Best Home Construction Method?

Bill PrimaveraWhich is best? Stick-built, modular or panelized?

[The Putnam Examiner – Feb 15-21, 2011 – p8]
Before I got into the real estate business and subsequently starting writing about housing, I had always thought that stick-built homes offered the best kind of construction in terms of quality and flexibility of design. I had felt that modular homes, or “pre-fab” as I called them, were a secondary choice with awkward layouts, dictated by the width of a cubicle designed to travel down a road on a flatbed.

After learning something about the differences between them, I now know that I had some woeful misconceptions about payday loans texas the two, and the term panelized, which refers to homes constructed from prefabricated flat panels, had not entered my vocabulary.

Which is the best kind of construction? “Let’s put it this way,” said Bob Frissora, “if you’re buying a new car, would you prefer that it be built in a factory or in your driveway?”

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